2050 Regional Transportation Plan

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County is planning for the future transportation needs of our region by starting the process of developing its 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The purpose of the RTP is to identify the long-term transportation needs and goals for our regional transportation system. The RTP identifies the transportation projects, programs and services that may be implemented through 2050.

The 2050 RTP will build upon the 2040 RTP adopted in 2017. This community-based plan will be developed through a robust outreach process and conducted in collaboration with partner agencies and public input. The plan will address the safety, mobility, connectivity and traffic-operations issues that are resulting from increased population and employment growth in the region.

The Regional Transportation Plan offers the opportunity to inspire, innovate and implement an integrated, efficient regional transportation system in our community. The RTC is seeking input from everyone in our community and encourages you to attend public meetings throughout the process. In addition to general meetings, the RTC will hold issue-based workshops and roundtables on specific topics, including transportation safety, youth-transportation issues, economic development, and transit vision, among others.

This is a community-wide plan that is made successful by the participation of everyone in our region. There will be many opportunities for input as the RTC works to develop a comprehensive plan for our future. The RTC wants to hear about your commute and your neighborhood and any ideas you may have to improve transportation for everyone.

Federal regulations require that the long-range planning document be updated every four years. The RTP is the RTC’s long-range transportation plan as required under Title 23, Part 450 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). It contains major transportation projects and programs for Washoe County for all modes of travel. It functions as the major tool for implementing long-range transportation planning.

The RTP captures the community’s vision of the transportation system and identifies the projects, programs and services necessary to achieve that vision which may be implemented by the RTC, member entities and NDOT.

The RTP is on an 18-month schedule for the development and approval process. It is anticipated to be complete by or before May 2021.

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